Experience with OpenCode 18

Ananya Agrawal
4 min readFeb 10, 2018

Who isn’t fantasized by the amazing websites, apps, games, animations, and technologies we witness every day. But like most of the people I was also completely unaware of how are they brought to action.

My first introduction to the Open-source world happened in October, 2017 when I participated in a hackathon and this made me curious to explore this world even more.

But still opensource was just another thing which I was having no clue of for me and was just feeling impossible to start with it. But January 2018 finally brought to me the opportunity to explore the open-source world a bit as it was the time when opencode began. OpenCode18, a month-long event, organized by geekhaven(technical society of IIIT-Allahabad) to provide a good introduction to the opensource world. I also decided to participate in it and indeed it was a good decision and made me learn new things and that too in very less time.

I started by adding myself as a contestant in opencode collaborative website and then the journey to contribute more and more started. OpenCode ended with introducing me to new and exciting stuff like loaders, cool libraries like particle.js, making games with the help of javascript, and many more things.


These are some of the issues I enjoyed and learned from the most.

Adding cards was something I struggled with for more than a week as I was just using the wrong link to extract data from. But this was something which gave me the biggest satisfaction after being done.

Opencode introduced me to make things purely by CSS and this cat was one of the things I made. Though I have realized that pure CSS stuff is not my cup of tea but yeah doing these things was fun.

Adding SVG was the thing I enjoyed most doing and yeah I was the only one who did that 😛. I remember how I started first with animating a simple letter ‘a’ and then making everybody at home to see that as it was really fun to animate all by yourself.

This was a pure java-script game made by me and yeah it is really fun to play and even more fun to make.

Making a word cloud was really fun and too about the place I am in love with now. Though this was one the many things I decided to leave doing coz I wasn’t even knowing where to write the code itself 😛. Thanks to the mentors to guide me with such a foolish query which helped me finally make this.

It was a really good experience to be a part of opencode and wish that the event will be bigger next year. A big thanks to all the mentors for organizing such a fabulous event and to guide us throughout the event and yeah most importantly to always motivating us to try and not to give up.

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