Introducing Feature Monkey 3.0 — Web3 Native Feedback Tracker

Introducing web3 native feature monkey.

💖✨ Web3 is inherently community-driven

😢👣 But none of these tools is web3 native

👷‍♂️🛠 Teams are now making in-house tools

🚀💥 The missing link in web3 product decision-making.

😻💫 Web3 native Feature Monkey

🦊 Login with Wallet

💰 Subscribe via Crypto (USDC)

🐋 Introducing tokens/NFTs in product decision-making by tracking user balances.

🤝🚀 Combined with the best parts of existing feature trackers

  • SSO login (frictionless login)
  • Merge Posts
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Forms
  • Customize as your brand taste
  • Vote on behalf
  • Import and Export existing Data
  • Assign Team Members
  • Many more…..

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